test 2

After activation theme ready to use. Default header Image can be replaced by your own in customizer (Customize > Header Image section). Predefined widgets in sidebars can be replaced by custom widgets from panel widgets. To setup front page follow next steps:
1. Open website on the Front Page.
2. Open menu Customize.
3. Open panel Widgets.
4. Open section First Top Sidebar.
5. Add new widget.

SG Window:

The front page has by default 6 widgets:
– Widget “SG One Page Navigation” (This menu displays navigation in the First Top Sidebar);
– Widget “SG Images” – 3 Images from media library with links;
– Widget “SG Images” – 1 image with caption;
– Widget “Text” with google map inside;
– Widget “SG Items From Category” displays 4 recent posts with on scroll animation and css 3 hover;
– Widget Text with title for the Blog Section.

The same 6 widgets can be added to make fr