Frequently Asked Questions

Why would mortgage lenders need my complete bankruptcy papers?  Most mortgage lenders will require your complete bankruptcy.  Your lender will be able to advise you as to their preferences and requirements.

How will I receive my documents?

All available documents are emailed only. For additional fee we can mail you a hard copy of your records.  Some archived bankruptcy cases are mailed or emailed.

When can I expect my Bankruptcy Documents?

All your documentation is retrieved and emailed within 2 hours from payment received during working hours. Any files which have been archived by the courts will take upto 5-10 business days to retrieve. Any files that have been destroyed (25 years or more past filing) will not be available.

Can you open documents to view information?

No.  We can’t open documents just to view and verify information.  For example, we will not open the schedules to check if a creditor is listed on the bankruptcy.  And if a case is recently filed, we will not check to see if there is a discharge yet.

Who has access to my bankruptcy information?

Your bankruptcy documentation can be assessed by you, any creditors which were named in the bankruptcy filing, lending institutions or mortgage brokers, lawyers, loan officers, and anyone who has the authority to check your credit or who has access to your personal information.

I need to work with past creditors and clean up my credit rating now that I have filed for bankruptcy. What paperwork do I need?

You should order the complete bankruptcy case.  Some cases where there are discrepancies on your credit report or you need to provide additional proof to creditors or to the bureaus, you would require your entire file.

I filed my bankruptcy more than 7 years ago. Do I still need my paperwork in order to apply for credit?

This depends on which chapter you filed under. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stay alive on your credit for seven years after the discharge date, not the filing date. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay alive on your credit for ten years after the discharge. If you apply for credit, your lender will tell you if you need to provide Schedules and Discharge papers, your entire file, or nothing at all.

I am not sure yet whether I need my bankruptcy file. Can I e-mail and see if it is available first just in case I need it?

Yes, you can e-mail us and we can tell you whether your file is immediately available, whether it has been archived, and even give you the cost and time of delivery.

What will I get if I order the Discharge papers package?

If If your case is closed, you will receive the discharge of dismissal record.  Because each case either has a discharge paper or dismissal paper.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once it has been e-mailed, mailed or ordered from the archives.

What are page limit fees?

Any case exceeding 50 pages is subject to additional fee of .30 cents per page.

What is in a complete bankruptcy package?

You will receive all bankruptcy documents.  We don’t include BNC mailings, relief from stay documents, or reaffirmation agreements.